How to speed the healing of a cold sore (and understand the dreaded "double outbreak.")

Getting a cold sore is a pretty miserable feeling, and the healing process can often take weeks at a time. Here are a few tips to speed up the healing process of a cold sore, and help defend against the dreaded "double outbreak" (when you get a second, brand new cold sore outbreak during the healing period of your last outbreak.) 
  1. Keep the effected area clean and dry: Gently cleanse the cold sore with mild soap and water to prevent bacterial infection. Pat it dry with a clean towel or tissue.

  2. Avoid touching or picking: Touching or picking at the cold sore can worsen the condition and may lead to infection. Keep your hands away from the affected area.

  3. Use a cold compress: Applying a cold compress or ice wrapped in a cloth to the cold sore for 15-20 minutes can help reduce pain and swelling.

  4. Pain relief: Over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help manage pain and discomfort.

  5. Topical treatments: Some people find relief using products containing ingredients like lysine, propolis, or lemon balm extract. These may help soothe the sore and promote healing.

  6. Avoid triggers: Certain triggers, such as stress, sun exposure, and a weakened immune system, can activate the virus and cause are repeat cold sore in the effected area. Try to avoid or manage these triggers.

  7. Keep lips moisturized: Apply a lip balm with sunscreen to protect your lips from sun exposure and keep them moisturized.

  8. Boost your immune system: A strong immune system can help your body fight off the virus more effectively. Get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet, and consider taking supplements if needed.

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