How to stay cold sore free on your wedding day.

There is nothing worse than getting a cold sore on your wedding day. From the special kiss, to the hundreds of photos, we want to look good and feel our best on our special day. Here are a few ways to make your big day, your best day (cold sore free!) 

1. Avoid triggers leading up to your wedding. Common triggers include stress, fatigue, illness, hormonal changes, sun exposure, and certain foods and drinks (such as chocolate, nuts, and citrus fruits). By identifying your personal triggers and taking steps to avoid them in the week leading up to your big day, you can reduce the likelihood of developing a cold sore.

2. Boost your immune system. A strong immune system can help prevent cold sores and reduce the severity of outbreaks. To boost your immune system, make sure you get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, and consider taking supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, L-lysine and zinc.

3. Manage your stress levels. Stress is a common trigger for cold sores, and weddings can be super stressful. It’s important to find ways to manage stress leading up to, and especially the day of your wedding. This can include practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga, or meditation, getting regular exercise and most importantly getting enough sleep. Shutting down early (screen time etc) and taking frequent naps a few days before your wedding are a great way to ensure you are rested and ready for the big day.

No longer live in fear of surprise outbreaks. 

Cold Sore Shield is a combination of powerful nutrients combined with L-Lysine that work with the body’s immune system to support its daily defense of outbreaks*  Take daily (for best results) or start taking a few weeks before your big event.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.